Credit Cards in UAE


Around 71 percent of affluent residents in the United Arab Emirates own more than one credit card as per the statement of a weekly report. The majority of the residents access credit cards while 64 percent of the public use them for a day- to -day purchases. Another 63 percent admitted using credit cards when traveling abroad.

When you pay with a credit card, you are effectively borrowing money from your bank or lender. Every month you receive a statement that lists all the transactions you have made, along with place, price and sometimes even details of the item.

When it comes to credit card balance transfers and savings in Dubai, it is always advisable to pay the full outstanding on your credit card each month to avoid unnecessary fees. Most banks offer a minimum promotion rate of 2.5 percent and up to 10 percent cash back on spends. The minimum salary requirement to apply for credit cards in the UAE is 5000 AED as per the rules and specification of the banks which may vary with higher or lesser salary rates depending on the lender. The facility of balance transfer is freely available for the first 6 months with a minimum of 2 percent processing fee. Banks offer foreign currency rates with a minimum of 2 percent based on the expenditure or purchases made. If you are a frequent traveller, you might want to make sure you apply for credit cards offering lower foreign currency rates. The annual fee on a credit card will be applicable on a yearly basis as a part of your statement. Some UAE banks advertise and state that they do not charge annually, but it is preferable to opt to pay the annual fees as it has many benefits to offer.

The Soul Wallet Savings Simulator is a financial tool developed to help customers understand which credit cards offer them the best opportunity to maximize their savings. This is done based on an analysis of the customer’s unique expenditure pattern both across the type of monthly and annual expenditure and also the amount spent on each category. The unique algorithms help you ascertain which credit cards offer you the maximum savings potential for your specific spend. This varies from individual to individual.

A frequent traveler will probably consider taking a credit card that offers air miles. However, if you don’t travel a lot but like to save on your transactions, you might prefer a credit card that gives you cash back. Also, cash back amounts could vary based on the total amount you spend in a month. Visa International, MasterCard and the different banks in the UAE offer additional benefits on premium cards, such as access to airport lounges globally, discounts on dining, valet parking, free golf, cinema discounts and other transport facility benefits. You can compare all the benefits on Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Infinite and World credit card benefits or choose to search for premium cards directly. Premium cards generally require a higher income or have a higher annual fee.

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